Azure Stack Services

Azure Stack does not “Everything” that public cloud Azure does. Only a subset of services are available today but this is a growing list. Many customers confuse over this and it is important to clarify before any Azure Stack conversations begin.

Azure Services on Azure Stack includes PAAS and IAAS. Ideally, Azure stack is best used when you want these PAAS services on your on-prem datacenter.


Azure App Services – All your websites, easy to host service

Azure Functions – Serverless deployment of your code

Service Fabric – Azure Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform that makes it easy to package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable microservices and containers.

Kubernetes – Deploy Kubernetes clusters and manage them.

Cloud Foundry – Pivotal cloud foundry on Azure stack.


Virtual Machines – Linux and Windows virtual machines including VM scale sets.

Docker Containers -Linux and Windows containers

Networking – Virtual network, load balancer, and VPN Gateway.

Storage – Blobs, Tables, Queues and Disks.

Key Vault – Application keys and secrets for password encryption and checkouts.

Hope this quick write up helps.

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