Deploying OpenStack Alamo in a Nested ESX(i) box to test

So its exciting news that Rackspace has gone Open Cloud. However, very few of us have the luxury to run Open stack on its own dedicated controller/compute nodes, although an all-in-one configuration can be run. For instance, in my home lab, I am running it now as a nested hypervisor because that will allow me ample flexibility to get to know it.

If you are running vmware ESX(i) then you are in luck as the doc lists all the changes that you will need to do to the vm container in order to get OpenStack Alamo to run. Cody’s instructions on how to get the container ready helped greatly.

However, I have the OVA’s in here so you can download them. These containers, one for controller and the other for the compute node, have been preset with all changes necessary so your OpenStack Alamo installation will boot up with no issues. They are only 78KB each because they are empty containers 🙂 So clone them to multiple compute nodes as needed 🙂

Remember to change the cpu/ram/disk sizes as necessary. I marked disks as thin but if you have tons of disk to play with then you may delete and recreate it. These are empty containers and you can boot them up to the Alamo iso or cdrom.

Controller-Node – Download Here (78KB)

Compute-Node – Download Here (78KB)

Let me know if you run into problems!

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