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VCSA DNS Error Troubleshoot

Setup Bind but vCenter appliance couldn’t see it. This is how you troubleshoot that.

To resolve this issue from vCenter:

  1. Open the console to the vCenter Server Appliance and press CTRL+ALT+F3 and log in with root credentials that you mentioned during the install phase.
  2. To enable shell, run this command.

    shell.set –enabled true

  3. Enter shell with this command:


  4. Ping the DNS servers to confirm communication with this command:

    ping yourdnsfqdn

  5. Use nslookup to make sure the vCenter Server Appliance can be resolved:

    nslookup vcenterFQDN

  6. Use the nslookup command to resolve the shortname.
  7. After underlying networking issue is resolved, redeploy the vCenter Server Appliance.

My issue was that firewalld was blocking DNS and once I took it out it worked. Stop yelling I will add the rules once vCenter is installed fully.

It is recommended that once you are able to reach DNS – you should redeploy vCenter.

Hope this helped.

Bare Metal VSphere provisioning session #liveblog

In this session at VMworld we are talking about bare metal provisioning using Hanlon and Ansible.

Hanlon loads a micro kernel and allows a boot for the machine.

Project Kragle – is an automation node that is the glue where everything comes together – including dhcp, DNS, Ansible play books etc..

Project Emmet – bare metal provisioning of ESXi using Hanlon. The infrastructure is configured using Ansible. This project is being positioned as a proof of concept as of today but development is swift

Talking about Ansible modules

Ansible modules for Hanlon include,


These modules have not been released yet but are on the path of getting them out there. 

Ansible modules for vSphere include,

The recorded demo was great and below are some more links!