About Me!

Thank you for visiting RJAPPROVES!RJ-Ranjit

I like staying young, nerdy and silly and I have been wanting to have a nerdy site for some time. A site dedicated to some technical stuff that I work on or intend to work on.

About me? – I am Ranjit “RJ” Singh and I am 33 years old and work for a technology firm. I have a Computer Science engineering degree and a Masters in Information Technology with Infrastructure Assurance <- these don’t really matter!

According to the Gartner strength’s assessment, my top five strengths are below – Not in any particular order.






My technology interests have me as an expert in –

Storage platforms



Cloud computing and architectures

Infrastructure design and architecture

Disaster recovery 

Hybrid Cloud

Programming <– I am not an expert but I know my way around code

I love to talk about technology, Universe, Science, Medicine and anything that is worth talking about. I am excited about the Mars One program – are you? 🙂

My linkedin profile to learn about my work experience.

You can write to me via the contact me form or email me directly at [email protected]

I do run some other websites – as time permits (which never happens as you know) – they are listed below.





****Thoughts on the site are MY OWN ONLY and have nothing to do with my workplace****